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#10-03-08: "for everyone who loves"  

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#31-12-07: "sneg" coming in New Year's eve.
#25-02-07: "el sol"...
#28-08-06: "DHL mix"...
#27-05-06: mix "Frida" released!
#18-03-06: new mix "shade match".
#13-01-06: guestmix by Dj Nightfight.
#26-07-05: my guestmix for DSK HOUSE!
#13-05-05: 'soul will come' mix are online.
#20-01-05: first guestmix at mixenhouse by Dj Mitch. check it!
#17-01-05: mixes are online. enjoy!




  'for everyone who loves' mixed by Kirill V.  

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I want to wish people who love just "do it" sincerely, completely and without duobts, otherwise maybe it won't be love? Thanx to Meki for giving me idea of this mix and help in track selection.
download: .mp3 [128kbps] _playlist_

'sneg' mixed by Kirill V.

Well, dear friends, again winter came and again i'm releasing a mix. This doesn't mean i love winter a lot. I don't, but winter time's cold and grey, what to do..."sneg" means "snow" in Russian. Music isn't hot and sunny but it's still beautiful. Anyway, i hope next year will bring us more pleasant time and good luck.
Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo! С Новым Годом!

download: .mp3 [128kbps] _playlist_

'el sol' mixed by Kirill V.
more warm sun and summer - that's what i want last time.
download: .mp3 [128kbps] _playlist_

'DHL mix' mixed by Kirill V.
this is mix for DHL forum, for members and friends from there. special big thanx to bluecomet4: muchas gracias, Armando :) / read and post comments for this mix
download: .mp3 [128kbps] _playlist_

'Frida' mixed by Kirill V.
Frida is the name of girl i really need. well, things are too simple and hard nowadays, so each track from this mix is actually part of our life... and love. nothing more to write, everything will be inside... :P
download: .mp3 [160kbps] _playlist_

'shade match' mixed by Kirill V.
spring came here in Moscow with few sunny days. i'm waiting for summer, recording mixes and hope everything will be nice next few months. shade match is mix for everyone who loves sax. every track shares deepnes and sound of sax. enjoy, stay tuned and good luck to true house lovers!
download: .mp3 [128kbps] _playlist_

'dance of night' guestmix by Dj Nightfight (Russia, Ufa)
after long "quiet" time i've got suggestion about guestmix from Dj Nightfight. well, this good idea accepted! words by Dj Nightfight: "love Mom, wash hands with soap" :)
download: .mp3 [128kbps] no playlist

'love and deception' guestmix for DSK HOUSE, mixed by Kirill V.
not a lot words here, just understandable name of mix. big thanx to Dj Mitch from Italy for invitation to DSK house! latest news is that DSK house doesn't exist more, so mix moved to musicismyworld domain.
download: .mp3 [128kbps] musicismyworld; _playlist_

'soul will come' mixed by Kirill V.
not so much time ago i found very interesting i-net label and decided to try some music. i was surprised and after some time enjoying of thinner sound i recorded this mix. so all music selection are from this great i-net label: thinner
download: .mp3 [128kbps] _playlist_

'i feel love' guestmix by Dj Mitch (Italy;
Great selection, lovely sounds, mix remind us about summer and sweet love. Here are few words by Dj Mitch: "Those Promises, those perfumes, those infinite kisses, will all be born again..." .
Dedicated To Sara by Mitch.
download: .mp3 [96kbps] _playlist_

'mellow sounds of my house' mixed by Kirill V.
it was recorded last year at december. i just want to dedicate this mellow mix to all nice people i met at 2004.
download: SoulSeek _playlist_

'reflections' mixed by Kirill V.
download: SoulSeek _playlist_

'weird planet' mixed by Kirill V.

it's atmospheric deep/tech house tracks from different years. mix was firstly released at, but now i decided to put it here.

download: SoulSeek _playlist_